Thursday, January 15, 1981

Sautel Cago   
aka ...  ~1escV? 
un escargot vide ? 

Email : mail{at}unescargotvide{dot}eu
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Born in Nancy of France in 1981, Sautel Cago learnt how to communicate with other kids through his creation of imaginary characters and drawing games.  With this gifted talent, he strongly feels the impact of art on interpersonal connection and commmunication.  

During his study at the fine art school of Mulhouse in Alsace and L’Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Paris, Sautel Cago sharpened his skills and further explored himself in the fields of etching, lithography, abstract painting, performance, installation and sound art.  Equipped with solid knowledge in different art forms, he graduated from this influential art institution with honour in 2005 and began to develop a multi-media project based on digital painting and sound performance.  

While travelling around the globe over the years, his project has been span off and built up a collection of site-specific artwork, blending the beauty of space and essence of local cultures.  In addition, the creative process has been documented by photography that these power shots captured the moments interacting with local people, providing another angle for the artwork presentation.

 “Un Escargot Vide ?", "~1escV?" (An empty snail?)

サウンドとライブドローイングを組み合わせた実験 的パフォーマンスを行う~1escV?。
視覚世界と聴覚世 界の混交によって、
観者自身が固有の世界、ストーリーを紡ぎ出す主 体的な体験を創出する。
{ by saki hori :) }

空殼蝸牛?  un escargot vide ?


Drawing and sound performances

2015 March : ~1escV?”, ACO ‪#‎SoundOnSite‬ | Slow Burn 02, Hong Kong

2014 June : ~1escV?”, Recyclart, Brussel, Belgium
2014 February : "caracol anil", nacasa, Florianopolis, Brazil
2014 February : "zorelescV?", villa des cents~regards, Montpelier, France

2014 January : “TT+ ememe+ ~1escV?, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

2013 December : “Ốc sên rỗng ? /2”, idecaf, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam

2013 June : "e~a~t", the pollack,Daegu, South Korea
2013 June : "e~a~t", atelier flaneur, Seoul, South Korea
2013 June : "e~a~t", yogiga expression gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2013 june: e~a~t, Muse cafe, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
2013 January: Un~~ escargot vide?, Ga0, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam
2013 January: Un~~ escargot vide?, A year from Wednesday, Yoko, HCMC, Vietnam

2012 October: “~1escV?”,Doma House, Kyoto Japan
2012 October: “Un~~ + ~1escV?”,喫茶茶会記, Tokyo Japan
2012 October: “~1escV?”, Muse cafe, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
2012 October: “空殼蝸牛? + pineapple + 劉芳一”, OnSite, THAV, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 August: “空殼蝸牛? + pineapple + yan d'elh + sunny + 劉芳一”, DogPig Art Cafe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2012 June : “Wxymm + ~1escV?, Strategic sounds, Hong Kong
2012 May : “un escargot vide?” Kinaribrot, Yonezawa, Japan 
2012 May : “~1escV?” for "sūgata vol.02 resumption", Bun-mei, Idabashi, Tokyo, Japan 
2012 May : “~1escV?”, for "elsie else soup 3", Oichiai Soup, Tokyo, Japan 
2012 May : “~1escV?, for "radula", Bullet's, Tokyo Japan
2012 May : “~1escV?, for "international sound & art festival", Urbanguild, Kyoto Japan
2012 may : “~1escV?, for ~TestToneMusic, KD Japon, Nagoya, Japan
2012 March : “~1escV?, Common~Room, Bandung, Indonesia
2012 March : “~1escV?, Delicate, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2012 March : “Wxymm + ~1escV? + Kai Lam + Yuzuru Maeda”, the Pigeonhole, Singapore
2012 March : “~1escV? + Blusound + Kok Siew Wai + Yong Yandsen”, KLEX, Findars, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012 Janvier : “~1escV?”, La miroiterie, Paris, France

2011 December : “Wxymm + ~1escV?”, Light and space contemporary, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines 
2011 November :Ốc sên rỗng ?, IDECAF, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam ( with Thierry Bernard-Gotteland, Cao Hoang Long, Nguyen Hong Giang, Krisztian Kelner, Mervin Joseph Espina) 
2011 November : ~1escV?, Ga0, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam
2011 september : ~1escV?” YAK, Seoul, South Korea
2011 september : ~1escV?” Laughing Tree Lab, Seoul, South Korea
2011 July : “~1escV?”, La miroiterie, Paris, France
2011 June : “~1escV?”, Urbanguild, Kyoto, Japan 
2011 June : “~1escV?” for "sūgata vol.01 resumption", Bun-mei, Idabashi, Tokyo, Japan 
2011 June : “~1escV?”, for "elsie else soup 2", Oichiai Soup, Tokyo, Japan 
2011 May : “1escV?” , Laughingtree gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2011 May : Un escargot vide ?”, Shimimurasaki Art Cafe, Kyoto, Japan
2011 April : “Treasure terrace”, THAV, Taipei, Taiwan (work in collaboration with Yujun Ye and Nuning)
2011 April : “~1escV?” Socrates, Kyoto, Japan
2011 April : “live cinema”, DogPig Art Cafe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2011 February : “un escargot vide ?” Theaterkapelle, Berlin, Germany (work in collaboration with Emi Uda)
2011 January : “~1escV?”,59 Rivoli, Paris, France

2010 December : “Cube”, THAV, Taipei, Taiwan (work in collaboration with Minhee Park)
2010 December : “~1escV?", Wolong29, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 November : “un escargot vide ?”,Parallax Studios, Makati,Manila, Philippines
2010 September : “un escargot vide ?”, for "elsie else soup", Oichiai Soup, Tokyo, Japan

Exhibitions (Solo)

2015 October "résoné~rage", Asmara Art Cafe, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2015 September "sautel cago", Dago Pojok Kreatif Kampung, Bandung, Indonesia
2015 June "itiné~rage", Giant Step Gallery, HCMC, Vietnam 

2012 August: “空殼蝸牛?”, DogPig Art Cafe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011 December Un escargot vide ?”, Mairie de Vagney, France
2011 May : “Un escargot vide ?”, Shimimurasaki Art Cafe, Kyoto, Japan

2010 October : “Satu siput kosong ?”, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2010 September : “Un escargot vide ?”, Acci cocci Gallery, Sadogashima, Japan
2010 August : “Recette”, Alliance Francaise, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

2009 October : “Un escargot vide ?”, PariSalz Gallery, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
2009 August : “Un escargot vide ?”, Orblight Cafe, Ikejirioohashi, Tokyo, Japan
2009 August : “Un escargot vide ?”, Sabon Cafe, Kyoto, Japan

Exhibitions (Group)

2015 June : "Keep the fire on", Survive Garage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2015 March : illicit / legit' street art exhibition”, Lot 5, Hong Kong

2014 April : Sautel Cago + Thiago ritual, Cncs, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2013 December : “Vietnam”, idecaf, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam

2012 July : "1(and/or)2", Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2012 June : "1(and/or)2",Espace des arts sans frontieres, Paris, France 
2012 June : "Emilla + ~1escV?",TPLO, Epinal, France 
2012 March : “S_urvive M_ural”, (with emi Uda) Survive Garage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2011 December : “Terminal Garden painting installation”, (with す), Terminal Garden, Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines
2011 November : Mural at Zerostation (with Dan Nguyen and Liar Ben), Ga0, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam
2011 January : “Elsie else provisoire”, Gallery 59 Rivoli, Paris, France

2010 December : “Treasure palace youth hostel”, THAV, Taipei, Taiwan 
2010 November : “From here to ear... Insonoresonance”, Outerspace Gallery, Makati, Manila, Philippine
2010 July : “Second taste of reality and sunyata”, Kedai kebun forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (work in collaboration with Greg Sindana)

2009 November : “Crayon et Papier”, Galerie ma collection, Paris, France (work in collaboration with Yu-Chien Wu)

2008 October : “Cristal – Utopie”, Korean culture center, Paris, France (work in collaboration with Argentinelee and Luc Hespel)

2007 July : “Power Tower Paris-Busan”, Soul Art Space, Busan, South Korea
2007 June : “Sarayevo, Memory and Communication”, Shiga Art creation hall Shiga, Japan

2006 May : Sound installation “sans-titre, mai en escalier”, Museum of ENSBA, Paris, France

sound performances

2012 May : Un escargot vide ?”, Shimimurasaki Art Cafe, Kyoto, Japan
2012 March :~1escV?”, Motorcycle emptiness, Bangkok, Thailand 

2011 June : “ememe + ~1escV?”, Socrates, Kyoto, Japan
2011 April :~1escV?”,Katakamuna, Kobe, Japan 
2011 February : un escargot vide ? Kinaribrot, Yonezawa, Japan

2010 September : “Lacking sound festival”, Nanhai gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 September : un escargot vide ?, Acci~Cocc!, Sado, Japan
2010 August : un escargot vide ?” performance  for "cellsbutton#4- invisible cells", Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2010 July : "un escargot vide ?", Les Salaisons, Romainville, France
2010 June : un escargot vide ?” performance  for “elsie else festival … part 3”, Instants Chavires, Montreuil, France 
2010 April  : “un escargot vide ?” performance  for experimontag”, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany 
2010 February : “un escargot vide ?”, fu-chi-ku-chi, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan
2010 February : “un escargot vide ?”, Acci~Cocc!, Sado, Japan
2010 February :  “un escargot vide ?” performance  for “Kyoto record shop meeting”, Café indépendants, Kyoto, Japan
2010 February : “un escargot vide ?” performance for “elsie else loops”, Loop-Line, Sendagaya, Tokyo, Japan

2009 October : “un escargot vide ?”, pariSalz gallery, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
2009 September : toba + un escargot vide ?, loophole, Berlin, Germany
2009 August : “un escargot vide ?”, Orblight Cafe, Ikejirioohashi, Tokyo, Japan 
2009 August : “un escargot vide ?”, Sabon Cafe, Kyoto, Japan
2009 August : un escargot vide ?”, At-hall, Oita, Japan
2009 August : un escargot vide ?”, Art space tetra, Fukuhoka, Japan
2009 August : Pineapple + un escargot vide ?” for "Play”, DogPig Art Cafe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2009 July  : “un escargot vide ?Videotage (co-Presented by White Noise Records), Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong
2009 July : “un escargot vide ?”, 2kolegas, Beijing, China 
2009 May : “un escargot vide ?” performance for “elsie else festival part 2”, instants chavirés, Montreuil, France
2009 May : “un escargot vide ?”, issue gallery, Paris, France 
2009 July : nigel brown + un escargot vide ?DogPig Art Cafe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2008 August : “un escargot vide ?”, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, Taïwan 
2008 July : un escargot vide ?” for "Magic contact v.1", Urbanguild, Kyoto, Japan
2008 July : "koyanagi junji un escargot vide ?", Ongoing art center, Kichijouji , Tokyo, Japan
2008 June : “un escargot vide ?”, inknight gallery, Paris, France
2008 June : “un escargot vide ?” performance for “elsie else festival part 2”, instants chavirés, Montreuil, France

2007 August : 12 dog cycle + un escargot vide ?, Nanhai gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 August : un escargot vide ?”, Yricafe, Seoul, South Korea
2007 July : “un escargot vide ?”,salon by marbretron, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan
2007 June : “un escargot vide ?”, Projet 101, Paris, France
2007 May : “un escargot vide ?”, La generale, Paris, France
2007 March: “un escargot vide ?” performance for “Minima PerMaxima", l’an vert, Liège, Belgium
2007 February : un escargot vide ?” performance for “Aller Retour Virtuel” at Mains d’Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, France 

2006 September : un escargot vide ? Live at Radio Libertaire, Paris, France
2006 May : thomas turine + un escargot vide?”, Projet 101, Paris France

2005 November : “un escargot vide ?” performance for minimum wave festival 2”, l’écurie, Brussel, Belgium 

2004 March : katatsumuri no kara performance for Setsuzoku 2Project 101, Paris, France
2004 March : katatsumuri no kara performance for Setsuzoku 2, Batofar, Paris, France
2004 March : katatsumuri no kara performance for Setsuzoku 2“Cour Vitrée” of ENSBA, Paris, France

2003 September : Turn your radio on 1000 Hz performance for Setsuzoku” ,Super Deluxe, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan (with Junji Koyanagi & Haruma Kikuchi)

live drawing performances

2015 Septamber :"the Bond", Shenzhen, China

2012 November : “~1escV?, for "La'Bridge", Strategic sounds, Hong Kong
2012 June : “~1escV?, for "Fritz Welch", Strategic sounds, Hong Kong
2012 May : “un escargot vide?” for "山” & "Susuki" Kinaribrot, Yonezawa, Japan 
2012 avril : “~1escV?,for "Bottlesmoker", Seven Soul Distro, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
2012 avril : “~1escV?,for "Bottlesmoker", Geek fest, Bandung, Indonesia
2012 March : “~1escV?,for "Bottlesmoker", Delicate, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2012 March : “~1escV?,for "Bottlesmoker", Motorcycle emptiness, Bangkok, Thailand 
2012 March : “~1escV?,for "Bottlesmoker", Yoko, Ho Chi Min, Vietnam
2012 March : “~1escV?,for "Bottlesmoker", Fairground, Jakarta, Indonesia


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